Love, Love Love – it’s THE solution to all that exists, that you really wish did not happen, in your world. Rev. Ali Bierman explains why loving yourself first makes all the difference in your life – all ways and all ways.

Specifically, she describes why you must protect your daughter from continuing to pass on the helpless and hapless habit of putting everybody else’s needs ahead of your own. Your kids do what you do NOT what you say.

She further asks how you can make a difference in your self respect which leads to improved emotional well being as well as improving your self image so you will criticize yourself less (or discover how to stop the self criticism entirely). Those shifts, fanning out to how others treat you in family, friendship, and professional relationships, constitute powerful personal self growth.

No one can make you sad, or happy,  or angry – or any other way. YOU alone create your world YOUR way. With that realization comes more happiness and fulfillment across your life.

Perhaps the biggest take-away for loving yourself first, is becoming a role model for others – not just your daughter but ALL who come into your world – briefly or more permanently.

Remember, self-love isn’t about being selfish or self-absorbed; it’s about recognizing your own worth, taking care of yourself, and being compassionate towards yourself. It forms the foundation for healthy relationships and a fulfilling life.

See yourself as a cup filling with tea (love). What happens if you begin to share your tea with others even before it fills to the top? YOu will wind up drained.

Now see that your teacup overflows with tea, i.e. love. The tea overflows into the saucer. Now when someone needs your help, you have extra love, extra tea in that saucer. Sharing it no longer drains you. In fact, with an abundance of love,  the more you give away the more it multiplies.

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About the Author

As an ordained metaphysical minister, Ali Bierman sees life from a spiritual perspective. In her 28-year healthcare practice she confirmed that all aspects of life - relationships, career, health, spirituality - reflect the history of relationship disconnects beginning in utero and sometimes before birth. She notes that the primary disconnect happens between oneself and one's True Self. The second disconnect happens when one lacks a relationship with a Higher Power - whatever one calls it - God, Source, Universe, etc. Lastly, disconnects to other people - all cause your life to look the way it does. Change happens instantly in Ali's world. What takes a long time, and maybe never happens for some people, is getting ready to change.
As a multiple times best selling author and Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award winner, gifted artist and composer, Rev. Ali has touched more than 200.000 lives worldwide.

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