Have you ever pondered the source of your deepest desires and the true purpose they serve in your life? Join me, Rev. Ali Bierman, as I share my own twists and turns, from raising  professional children and supporting my mother through schizophrenia to the chance encounters that ultimately redirected my life's work into crisis care. In this episode, Rev. Ali joins the conversation, sparking an exploration into the nature of our aspirations and their alignment with our spiritual essence.

Embark on a metaphysical journey with us as we weave through life's unexpected detours, examining the missed opportunities that shape our destiny. I'll take you behind the scenes of a watershed moment on a crisis hotline that propelled me into a career of compassionate intervention. This narrative is a heartening affirmation that what may appear as accidents are truly signposts guiding us to our greater calling. Tune in and discover how every detour, every missed event, is not a setback but a step forward on the path to fulfilling our purpose.

Everyone who is excited to stop hurting – physically, emotionally, or spiritually contact Rev. Ali to eliminate the grief and hurt. Struggle, in ANY form, is optional. It is science!

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