Paulette Ensign sold two million copies of her 16-page, 110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life, in multiple languages and formats without spending a penny on advertising. Discover how to reach more people without selling and  without doing research because you already know what others don’t.

[00:00] Show Opening

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[01:30] Paulette Ensign bio

0[04:09] Paulette’s deep dive into the new organizing industry and who benefits today

[07:00] Each of us has our own organizing style reflecting our uniqueness across our lives

[07:20] Each of us is a subject matter expert

[07:40] Parents with unrecognized expertise other parents seek

[08:00] Her own experience launched a business selling 2 million booklets in multi-languages and formats without spending a penny on advertising

[08:30] She embraces her uniqueness and show others how to prevent being lost in a sea of sameness

[09:19] Making the point – white vinegar booklet

09:53 We all know things other people don’t 

[10:06] Why Tips booklets are valuable to people

[11:15] Start at the most basic level with tips

[13:15] If something is not there I say,”How can i bring something new and different!”

[14:22] Each person has their own learning style. Not one-size-fits-all

[15:00] “I do not teach people to sell one copy at a time to one end user” – how she delivers and to whom. – This is a different process for different results.

18:07 “I teach reaching more people faster and easier  and the booklets are perceived as a gift – not directly from you

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[21:30] Each of us is unique as are our audience members. You reach your audience in different formats addressing multiple learning styles and life styles.

[32:21] Less is more – easy to digest gets consumed

[34:36] Paulette’s Business Super Power: Awareness, Consciousness, Mindfulness and how each skill leads to new products that feed people’s wants and desires

[35:40] We already have everything we need. The only research you need to do is…

[37:10] Why some people fail to see the benefit of simple tips

[37:52] “I don’t talk in terms of selling. I talk about…”

[38:24] Once you forget that the goal is to reach and help more people THEN there is a problem

[38:33] The Goal: you are attempting and succeeding in reaching more people and helping them.

[39:02] A gift for everyone


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