You make life choices – big life choices – every day. Sometimes you do it out of conscious awareness. Are you following your desired path – the one you know in your heart is a full on “YES! I’m living my dream!”  OR do you find roadblocks, unexpected events, that prevent you from following your desired path?

Rev. Ali used to call those distractions detours until many years later when their ultimate purpose revealed that every seeming detour led to learned experiences she could not know she would need later in life.

The same thing happens for you – right now.

Interestingly each detour provided wisdom and knowledge that moved her toward the dream life that was not previously in her sites.

A rude awakening, in the form of an attack taught her to pay attention to the whispers in life. You have them too. Discover which messages keep coming at you, hinting at life changes – yet you keep ignoring them.

Those possible supports are actually whispers from the Universe, from your guides, from your angels.  Paying attention to them lets your life flow with less pain and more gain to fulfill your heart’s desires. 

To identify the artwork that allows you to join a live Zoom chat with Rev. Ali is visible at minute[12:44] It is next to the daffodil paintings.

Everyone who is excited to stop hurting – physically, emotionally, or spiritually contact Rev. Ali to eliminate the grief and hurt. Struggle, in ANY form, is optional. It is science!

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